Aside from the occasional family holiday abroad, I’ve never really travelled. It’s always been a dream of mine, as I feel like what’s the point in living in this big wide world if we aren’t going to explore it?  I can’t remember how it came about, but in my last year of Uni amongst all the stresses of exams and dissertations, me and my Uni housemates decided that we were going to go travelling once Uni had finished and decided on spending 2 weeks each in Thailand, Vietnam, and Bali. Amazingly, despite us being the most indecisive group of people ever, we have managed to agree on and book a 6 week travel adventure!

With only a week to go until I go off for 6 weeks, I am feeling pretty stoked. I am so excited for all the new adventures, new places, and new experiences me and my old Uni housemates will experience when we get there. I am feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves which, as an ex theatre kid I know is the best feeling in the world.

As none of us have ever travelled before, let alone backpacked we are all pretty clueless on what to take and me and the other girl of the group have been spending months making lists of every little thing we can think to take away. If our packing turns out to be successful, I’ll share with you what to take away and anything I could have done with/without in my rucksack.

I’m also nervous and excited about the whole hostel thing. The hostels we’ve booked so far seem pretty nice, though we’ve already had 2 cancellations and I know that there is a chance we could turn up on the day and they’ve cancelled our booking. The rooms we have are 4 person rooms, which is great because there are 4 of us going though I am fully expecting to be sharing with loads more people in some of the hostels we haven’t pre booked. This will be great to meet new people, but also I’ve heard horror stories about the room being filled with couples hanging their sheets over the bed and partaking in vigorous extra curricular night time activities. We will see. If so, it’ll make a good story at least.

The thing I’m most excited for is seeing a whole new culture, trying new foods and seeing the beautiful sights. One of the most interesting thing for me is seeing how other people live so having an insight into how the Thai, Vietnamese, and Balinese people live will be incredible. I’m also weirdly excited to try the unusual delicacies they have- maybe I can start to get over my fear of spiders by trying some deep fried tarantula?! Who knows?

It may be a while before I am able to write again, but when I do, be prepared to hear all about my adventures! Also, watch out for the travel spam on Insta 😉

เห็นคุณเร็ว ๆ นี้!


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