Makeup Detox

It seems like detox is the buzz word for millennials doesn’t it? You can’t go five minutes without someone going on about a juice detox, or a phone detox (which I’m in much need of) and I kind of get it. We are so busy running our day to day routines that we don’t really think about anything we are doing and how it may be affecting us. Detoxing can be a great way to re align ourselves and bring us back to basics.

Which is why I have decided to go on a makeup detox. I have decided to give up makeup until I go travelling in May, and the only time I’m allowing myself to wear it is on special occasions. I am hoping that wearing less makeup will help clear my skin so it will be super clear for all the travelling pics I’m hoping to take. I’ve been detoxing for a few weeks now, and I’ve found it surprisingly easy.

I’m not the type of person to wear a tonne of makeup anyway but I would wear at least some foundation and mascara everyday. Somedays I would contour, highlight and colour correct, how much would depend on how much time I’d left myself after my super long showers. Since I’ve stopped wearing makeup everyday I have seen big improvements on my skin, the overall softness is great and the amount of blemishes I have has gone down loads.

Secondly, I’ve had SO MUCH more time to do stuff, and I no longer have to panic about leaving the house on time because I’ve had an extra 15 minutes where I would normally be hurriedly trying to badly blend the contour that I’d applied in a rush.

Thirdly, I actually think that the no makeup look is a much better look on me than the “done in a rush in 15 minutes” look. I feel so much more clean without caked on foundation and smudged mascara down my face and I’ve thankfully stopped rocking up to work looking like a chimney sweep from the god awful contour streaks down my face.

Fourthly, It is so nice not having to worry about smudging my makeup, I am usually up really early for work so spend the morning rubbing my tired eyes, meaning I used to leave work looking like a panda- it also means I don’t have to worry about taking it all off when I’m knackered just before bed. Its such a nice feeling knowing I can go straight to bed without the palaver of taking a whole face of makeup off.

Fifthly, I know I’m saving a shit tonne of money. Saving all of my makeup for special occasions means that I am using so so much less of the products than I normally would. Then when I do wear makeup, I know I’m not wasting it.

Sixthly, the times I do put makeup on are so much more fun. Not doing it everyday has stopped putting makeup on being a chore and has brought the fun back into it. I love spending the time actually being able to sit and blend and contour properly, and I know I look so much better than slapping it all on.

I honestly didn’t think I’d have quite so many positives to say about my makeup detox. I thought it would be something I would stick to for like a week and then go back to makeup. This has given me the confidence to walk out of the house in public without makeup on, which is NOT something I would have done before. Going on a makeup detox is definitely something I recommend, honestly, give it a go!

Let me know how you get on!




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