Travel Bucket List

So the past week has been fairly emotionally draining to say the least, so in an attempt to cheer myself up (and to give you all a break from hearing about my heartache) I have decided to compile my Travel Bucket List by Harriet Daisy Marshall aged 21 3/4.

So here goes:

  1. La Louvre- Ever since I read The Da Vinci Code when I was 11, I have been desperate to go to La Louvre. I love art and would like to learn a bit more about different artists and that surrounded by the beauty of the famous La Louvre pyramid and the French culture is something that massively appeals. (I also have fantasies of having my own adventure complete with cults and the Mona Lisa.)
  2. Songkran Festival- The Songkran festival is Thailand’s most famous festival and marks the beginning of the Thai New Year. The people of Thailand use it as a way to celebrate and spend time with their family but it is also an excuse to have a massive water fight. People line the streets to throw buckets of water and squirt water pistols at people, this has always sounded like so much fun, and a great thing to be a part of.
  3. See baby turtles- Turtles are one of my favourite animals and it has long been a dream of mine to be able to see them in their natural habitat. I think I would actually cry if I got to see all the tiny tiny turtles running to be in the sea.
  4. Go interrailing- despite it being my “home continent”, Europe is fascinating to me. The dream is to travel around as much of Europe as possible, and what better way to do it than go interrailing? For those who don’t know, you buy an interrail ticket for either 2 weeks, a month or 6 weeks and that allows you to use most rail services in Europe for tat period of time. It is then up to you to decide whether to camp, stay in hostels or something else.
  5. See a waterfall- There’s something about waterfalls that really soothes me. They seem so mystical and magical and calming it is something I would like to see for real (preferably in a hot country with mysterious girl  by Peter Andre playing in the background)

Here are just 5 of my ultimate travel dreams, I’m sure I’ll do another post with more of my travel dreams on at some point. What’s on your ultimate travel bucket list? Comment on here or tweet me, my handle is @harridaisy.

Hears to this week being better than last week!


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