A Singles Guide to Valentine’s Day

It is 5 days until Valentine’s Day. I can feel the inevitable dread as it gets closer, and I have reluctantly accepted the fact that I will probably not have found the love of my life by February 14th.

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the love for your partner. Traditionally people spend it by giving their loved ones flowers, and getting wined, dined and (ahem) other such intimacies. For me, Valentine’s Day signifies my 21st consecutive year of being absolutely. 100%. Single. Seriously, I’ve never even received a legit Valentine’s card (of course my Mom used to send me one every year but that doesn’t really count, does it)?

For single people, Valentine’s Day (and the run up to it) can be a lonely day where we reminisce over past dalliances and wonder what the hell went wrong. It can be particularly sore if you are fresh out of, or still not over a previous relationship and quite frankly, Valentine’s Day can feel a bit shitty. The sight of tacky cards plastered with love hearts can nauseate even the strongest of stomachs, and the endless array of social media posts from loved up couples can weaken even the strongest of us singles. All in all, Valentine’s Day sucks if you’re not loved up.

But maybe it doesn’t have to?

I am going to sound like Hugh Grant in his opening speech in Love Actually but hear me out. When I think of love, I don’t just think of romantic love. I think of friendly love, family love and (perhaps most importantly), self love. Maybe we should be celebrating these kinds of love as well? Perhaps Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be exclusively for those in a romantic partnership, perhaps it can celebrate all kinds of love.

So this year, instead of spending my Valentine’s Day focussing on the loss of love, and the love I don’t have, I am going to celebrate the love I do have. So here is my single person’s Valentine’s Day bucket list:

  1. Send Valentine’s cards to your best friends- They can be as professional or as ugly as you want. Write them a message inside to tell them why you appreciate them and how much they mean to you. (See my Instagram for my attempts 😂)
  2. Message the friends that you haven’t seen for a while- show them that you miss them and are thinking of them.
  3. Buy yourself some flowers- who needs a tall dark and handsome man holding a bunch of red roses?
  4. Do something nice for those closest to you- Do the washing up, make dinner, or even get them a small gift to show your appreciation (if the budget allows)!
  5. Get a group of your single friends together for a no boy movie evening- two words, Chick. Flicks.
  6. Or if you prefer, spend the evening enjoying your own company- have a bath, read a book, put on a face mask and relish in the fact you can do all of these things without being disturbed by a loud, farting, snoring significant other.
  7. Remember you are awesome- you are NOT defined by your relationship status and you do not need someone else to prove how great you are. You are killing it on your own!
  8. If all else fails, remember that St. Valentine was actually stoned and decapitated for performing illegal wedding ceremonies- not so romantic when you look at it like that.

I hope this list helps make your Valentine’s Day a bit less tragic, and a bit more magic (oh god, this is probably why I’m single). So enjoy the day and appreciate the love you do have, not wallow in the love you don’t have (yet).

Love you all


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